I don’t always drink beer…


I don’t always drink beer…

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Practicing poi in a pretty small space with some Energizer flashlights that were just begging to be used as poi.


Who knew JFK was a juggler?


Who knew JFK was a juggler?


Simply a juggler. via  helsinkipics:

Juggler’s life as seen by Manuel Estrada. Part of the exhibition at Caisa cultural center

Day Two: A photo of you at least a year ago.

My sister, Mary, and I dressed up for Halloween 2009. 

Day Three: A photo that makes you happy.

My sister and I in Kalamazoo, MI in spring of 2009, right after my graduation from Kalamazoo College. 

MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't Corrupt Enough To Stay Bought


Reinforcing the fact that Chris Dodd really does not get what’s happening, and showing just how disgustingly corrupt the MPAA relationship is with politicians, Chris Dodd went on Fox News to explicitly threaten politicians who accept MPAA campaign donations that they’d better pass Hollywood’s favorite legislation… or else:

“Those who count on quote ‘Hollywood’ for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who’s going to stand up for them when their job is at stake. Don’t ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake,”

This certainly follows what many people assumed was happening, and fits with the anonymous comments from studio execs that they will stop contributing to Obama, but to be so blatant about this kind of corruption and money-for-laws politics in the face of an extremely angry public is a really, really, really tone deaf response from Dodd. 

Wow. Chris Dodd is not only an asshole, he’s a stupid, tone deaf asshole.

It shows, yet again, that he just doesn’t get it. People were protesting not just because of the content of these bills, but because of the corrupt process of big industries like Dodd’s “buying” politicians and “buying” laws. To then come out and make that threat explicit isn’t a way to fix things or win back the public. It’s just going to get them more upset, and to recognize just how corrupt this process is. If Dodd, as he said in yesterday’s NY Times, really wanted to turn things around and come to a more reasonable result, this is exactly how not to do it

Not that it matters, and not that I’m some kind of rich mogul, but I’ll say this again: I have lost more money to creative accounting, and American workers have lost more jobs to runaway production, than anything associated with what the MPAA calls piracy. Chris Dodd is lying about piracy costing us jobs. Hollywood’s refusal to adapt to changing times is what’s costing the studios money. That’s it.

This is just crazy. The extra height gives him a lot of ability to basically do combos. Adding drops together to create some beautiful, jaw-dropping stuff. 



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via the Cirque du K group page on Facebook, a very awesome new(?) Circus type discipline. 


Pierce Brosnan is not only a badass, he is also a Fire-Breather. 

Feeling Good

"And here I am again. Just he and I. He and I and three hundred strangers watching so closely that each and every detail will be analyzed under a microscope and surprisingly enough, I’m not nervous. Anything but, my nerves are on fire, I am electric like a lightning bolt in a summer storm. Lightning doesn’t fuck up. Lighting is lighting and whatever you saw it do is exactly what it meant to do. And that is me.”